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Key Findings from the 2022 Blackbaud Target Analytics donorCentrics Sustainer Summit

[ad_1] The eighth annual Blackbaud Target Analytics donorCentrics Sustainer Summit brought together 36 of the nation’s large national fundraising organizations to share results and discuss sustainer growth and retention strategies against the backdrop of the pandemic and other significant events that impacted donors and giving in 2020 and 2021.  This year’s summit included data from a variety of sectors, drawn directly from participant CRMs and standardized to allow for consistent comparisons. The analysis is based on a July – June fiscal year, covering the period of FY2017 through FY2021. The data set included 20 million donors who gave 71 million gifts for a total of $2.9 billion in FY2021.  (The donor count is the composite sum of each organization and…

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4 Tips for Virtual Campaigning

[ad_1] Advocacy campaigns have evolved over the past few years, dramatically changing how nonprofit advocacy is conducted. While traditional methods can still impact supporters, more and more organizations interested in starting an advocacy initiative look to virtual campaigns first. Whether your nonprofit is interested in spreading awareness or influencing how their supporters might vote, virtual campaigns have the potential to reach a large audience, fast.   Before launching a virtual advocacy campaign, your nonprofit’s leadership should be familiar both with current trends in the advocacy space and digital advocacy best practices. A well-run advocacy campaign can spread your nonprofit’s message, give your organization another way to engage supporters, and further your cause by rallying your supporters to influence legislation.   Many grassroots…

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How Nonprofits Can Build Trust with Strong Internal Controls

[ad_1] At the beginning of the year, you may have seen a lot of commercials about losing weight without ever being hungry or dieting. Did those big promises of reward with no effort create trust or did they feel a little shady? For nonprofits looking for funding sources, trust is paramount. And if your big promise to donors or funding agencies feels a little shady, you will not be trusted to grow your mission and do the good works you are looking to fund.  Even when nonprofits balance their desire to do good works with a realistic view of the level of effort required to accomplish those goals, funding may still be elusive if there are not strong internal controls…

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Creating a Culture of Wellbeing for Grantmakers

[ad_1] Join Meico Marquette Whitlock, founder and CEO of Mindful Techie, for an excerpt from an interactive training that will inspire you with mindful approaches for creating sustained balance in your life. Prepare to lower your stress level, focus on getting the important things done, and be more present for yourself, your team, and your family. Click here to participate in the full webinar from the Grantmaking Thought Leadership webinar series.   Topics discussed in this episode: Wellness Survey report findings Impact of the pandemic on wellbeing How grantmakers will need to adapt Setting boundaries   Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher or your preferred streaming service for future episodes! Listen Now:   Resources: Meico Marquette Whitlock Webinar: Creating and Sustaining a…

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Building a Culture of Strong Internal Controls

[ad_1] Whenever you’re implementing a big change in an organization—whether it’s strengthening internal controls or implementing a new software system—it is critical to have a strategy and get buy-in across all areas of the organization. Do not rely on a few decision makers if you want a smooth transition. Change is hard and building a strong internal controls structure in your nonprofit when there has not been one previously takes time. That’s why I want to spend some time talking about building habits and values throughout all levels of the organization to increase organizational buy-in. Here are seven practices for building an internal control structure that will increase buy-in and stand the test of time. 1. Strive for integrity and transparency.…

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4 Tips to Optimize Your Healthcare Organization Website

[ad_1] Have you ever experienced a twinge in your neck, itch in your throat, or another random symptom, and turned to Google for answers? If so, you’re in good company — a whopping one billion searches per day are health-related! With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination campaigns capturing public attention, accurate, user-friendly healthcare websites are more crucial than ever. Consider your healthcare organization’s website — is it a useful resource that serves your community, or is there room for improvement? If you feel your website could serve visitors more effectively, you might contemplate revamping it or even building a new one. In this guide, we’ll cover the top four best practices to enhance your healthcare organization’s website: Map and…

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Due Diligence Best Practices for Grantmakers

[ad_1] Grantmaking is the heart of the private foundation industry and is often the largest expenditure for a foundation. With grant-giving in the billions of dollars annually, grant disbursements warrant oversight and review. Due diligence has the potential to provide insight into critical attributes and the level of alignment between the foundation’s mission and the goals of the grantee. Getting Started: Information Grantmakers Need  You need to understand the financial and organizational health of the grantee prior to making the grant. Here is a list of key information private foundations should, at a minimum, obtain when completing the due diligence process: Board List Request a list of Board members from the grantee. This list will help you ensure there are…

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Assembling the Right Team for an E-Learning Project

[ad_1] We’re heading into the “off-season” for many nonprofits. Once year-end fundraising passes and we’re in the new year, your nonprofit is in position to focus on development activities—including training your staff and volunteers to reach greater heights in 2022.  If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably stumbled across the benefits of providing online training for staff members and volunteers. Improved staff and volunteer retention rates, fundraising and donor stewardship outcomes, and training engagement come to mind. And, we can’t forget one of the biggest benefits—online training courses replace in-person, instructor-led courses and all of a sudden, your learning and development team has significantly more time on its hands for other efforts.  You’re probably thinking it’s time to run, not…

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