The Artistry of a Steward Leader By Andrea Leigh Capuyan

[ad_1] What does artistry have do to with steward leadership? As leaders, there is artistry we bring to stewarding others well. Stewarding requires precision, imagination, and dedication. Two-dimensional models or rigid formulas do not capture the flexibility and creativity needed by a good... [ad_2] Read More

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Curiosity As A Superpower By Zándra Bishop

[ad_1] Is curiosity your superpower? IThe expression “Curiosity killed the cat,” is contrary to the ideology of human behavior and survival. I have been inquisitive and my entire life. I have always had the desire to know how things operate. Some encouraged me while others were... [ad_2] Read More

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3 Big Trends That Are Altering the Nonprofit Sector

[ad_1] What trends have you been seeing in the nonprofit sector lately? Been too busy to notice? I totally get it. That’s why I invited Eric Nee, the Editor in Chief of the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) to talk to us today. Understanding the current trends in our society is a key... [ad_2] Read More

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A Flourishing Culture By Al Lopus

[ad_1] Finding the Way to a Thriving and Flourishing Culture “Hope International had a purpose-driven and highly engaged culture,” says Peter Greer, CEO. “But I sensed that it was diluting rather than reproducing as we entered a season of accelerated growth. We recognized the... [ad_2] Read More

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Is Your Organization Ready for a Game-Changing Major Gift?

[ad_1] About 10 years ago, at a retreat I was facilitating, I asked a question. Imagine for a moment that you received this gift, out of the blue. Like manna from heaven (or a big delicious pancake on your roof). A one time gift of multiple million dollars – maybe 10x the size of your current budget... [ad_2] Read More

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Dying To Make A Difference By Larry Gadbaugh

[ad_1] Are you dying to make a difference as a leader? Does Jesus make a difference in how I lead? How would your staff describe your leadership? If we pay attention, we can find out during significant transitions in the organization. The culture around us is exploding with hope or... [ad_2] Read More

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Discernment or Faultfinding By Dr. Bob Snyder

[ad_1] What’s the difference between discernment and faultfinding? Discernment is the judgment that God encourages as I seek His guidance, whereas faultfinding often finds its roots in my feelings and opinions. This tendency to find fault often arises out of my sense of inadequacy – my... [ad_2] Read More

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New Accounting Standard for Leases by Tammara Williamson

[ad_1] Key Steps in Implementing the New Accounting Standard for Leases There is a new accounting standard for leases, ASU 841. Nonprofit organizations should be planning their implementation strategy for an important upcoming change. The standard updates the definition of a lease and... [ad_2] Read More

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Today’s Banking Environment and You By Nicki Harms

[ad_1] How Today’s Banking Environment Impacts Your Organization Like many things in the world, banking is rapidly changing. Where you bank matters and understanding environmental changes – and how we got here – can be a determining factor in your ministry’s reach and ability to... [ad_2] Read More

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I Belong By Ed McDowell

[ad_1] I Belong and So Do You Yet I still belong to you; you hold my right hand. You guide me with your counsel, leading me to a glorious destiny. Psalms 73:23-‬24 NLT The desire to belong is part of every person. We are designed to belong to God, living in a relationship with... [ad_2] Read More

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