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Honoring vs Celebrating Mother’s & Father’s Day

[ad_1] InclusivitySEO + Content Marketing Nonprofits message out around holidays like Mother’s and Father’s day as a way to give and engaged. For many this is a great, day of celebration, for others, it may actually be a day of remembrance for their mother. In an ideal world... [ad_2] Read More

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8 Types of Non-Inclusive Language To Avoid

[ad_1] InclusivitySEO + Content Marketing The Inclusivity Tool was designed to help content creators follow the best practices around using inclusive language. Many organizations have been working with marginalized populations for decades while the study of how language impacts... [ad_2] Read More

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Email Marketing for Nonprofits: Best Practices

[ad_1] Email marketing has been through many iterations over the years, but it still remains one of the most cost-effective ways to reach supporters. Whether you’re reaching out to build issue awareness, share important news, or raise money for your organization, incorporating these... [ad_2] Read More

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37 Spring Fundraising Ideas for Small Nonprofits

[ad_1] Digital Fundraising Spring is a time that sees more people with a tidy sum of cash thanks to their tax returns, itching to go outside, and looking for things to do around key holidays like Easter, Passover, Nowruz, and Mother’s Day. And because we love rapid ideation... [ad_2] Read More

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34 Clever Summer Fundraising Ideas

[ad_1] Digital Fundraising The summer brings with it the opportunity to take advantage of the great weather and use the great outdoors for great fundraising. We’ve put together over 30 fun nonprofit fundraising ideas for you to spring into this season. We’re willing to bet... [ad_2] Read More

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3 Things A 404 Page Must Do & Examples

[ad_1] Website Design + Optimization There is someone, right now, lost on your site going to a 404 page. This person might be a potential donor, interested in finding more information but they have landed on your page not found. Pause for a minute and think – are you confident... [ad_2] Read More

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Making sure your resume is inclusive

[ad_1] Home » Inclusivity » Making sure your resume is inclusive by George Weiner CapacityInclusivity When you’re applying for a job at a nonprofit or charity, it’s especially important to make sure your resume is inclusive. If the people reading... [ad_2] Read More

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Stop nonchalantly using the language of war

[ad_1] CapacityInclusivitySEO + Content Marketing Though the world has its focus on Ukraine and two-tone flags are blooming everywhere out of solidarity and resistance, wars have been ongoing across the world for the past hundred years. With this, the language of war and... [ad_2] Read More

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