Have you ever wanted to pull back the curtain on a celebrity charity to see how they’re run? Or how much money they actually give to their own foundations?
Well, today is your lucky day…
In this episode of A Modern Nonprofit Podcast, Tosha is joined by Marc Pollick of The Giving Back Fund who shares his insights from over 2 decades working with celebrities and their charities.
He’ll tell you the truth about celebrity giving patterns. And reveal his simple secret for connecting with hard-to-reach public figures. reveals why he made a move away from most celebrities toward less-known high net worth individuals. Don’t miss it!
Almost 25 years ago, Marc Pollick founded The Giving Back Fund. Initially established to advise Hollywood celebrities, famous musicians, and sports stars on creating their own non-profit organizations, GBF has diversified into helping less-known high net worth individuals, and corporations, who truly want to give back to their communities. 
The Giving Back Fund provides a wide range of consulting services to non-profits including management and administrative advice. GBF are experts on starting a non-profit from the ground up, and help to establish community-based foundations for those who want to support the communities that once supported them. 
Marc is an internationally recognized speaker, writer, and consultant in the field of philanthropy and charitable giving. Before taking on the world of philanthropy, Marc’s career was in academia specializing in Holocaust Studies, including working with 1986 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Elie Wiesel. In addition, Marc was recognized for his achievements as a recipient of the prestigious University of Chicago Alumni Award for Public Service.

In this episode, you’ll discover…

How Marc’s experiences working with celebrities can give you insight into your own non-profit. (2:00)
A surprising fact about the giving habits of most celebrities. (5:25)
Why The Giving Back fund expanded to serve more than just celebrities. (6:54) 
What changes GBF has experienced since the onset of Covid19 and what you can expect going forward. (13:16)
The not-so-secret, but underutilized, skill that Mark credits for opening doors to his biggest opportunities(17:38) 
Why mentorship is so important and the unexpected value it brings to your non-profit. (20:30) 

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For more nonprofit accounting resources check out www.thecharitycfo.com
For more information about The Giving Back Fund visit https://www.givingback.org 
For more information their partnership project with the NFLPA visit https://www.foundationfundamentals.org

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